Re: Mediation

re mediation
Re: Mediation
A Dialogue on Immersive and Interactive Art

Thursday March 19, 2015, 2:30-4:30
John Labatt Visual Arts Centre, Rm 135

banal. Breathing
Christof Migone, Western University

Title TBA
Don Sinclair, York University

Parabolic Social Constructs
Jessica Field, Ryerson

Organized in conjunction with the upcoming exhibition of Toronto-based artist David Rokeby’s Very Nervous System at the McIntosh Gallery (March 19 – May 9, 2015), Re: Mediation will address topics related to the historical roots and future directions of interactive media, gestural interfaces, sound installation, and embodied interactions with technology in contemporary art. In the spirit of Rokeby’s work, it asks whether interactive art has the potential to engage critically with modes of technologically mediated subjectivity, perception, and experience which characterize our current moment. Or, as posed by Caroline Jones: “Does ‘new media’ question mediation itself, or merely add to the looming buzz?”

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